Half - Yearly membership 2018

Half-Yearly Membership is now open for Non-Members to join the Auckland Feathers Badminton Club for the rest of the year. This will enable you to play at all club play days for just $10 per session.

If you are registering for 'half-yearly' Membership for 2018. We ask that the $30 is deposited into the Bank Account 03 0285 0010076 000 with Membership and your Name as a reference. 

Please note we do not want this paid at club play and must be transferred into the bank account.

If you are registering please can you fill in the registration form online and follow the instructions to pay the $30 dollars into the Club Bank Account. 2018 Membership runs until the end of the club financial year which is the end of January 2019.

All 'joined' members will have a different coloured name tag so you will have to pay the committee member before you name goes on the board. 

Please read the Club's constitution below to ensure you understand how the Club is run, its purpose and what you have to do to be part of the Club. 

Auckland Feathers Club Constitution


1. Name

The Club shall play badminton and be known as Auckland Feathers Badminton Club Incorporated ("the Club")


2. Objects

The object of the Club

A.     To promote and encourage the game of badminton

B.     To advance the education of Club Members and guests in the knowledge of coaching and playing of badminton.

C.     To do any such other lawful things that are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above such purposes.

D.    To promote social gatherings and activities within the LGBTQI and the Club’s community.

The Club shall play to the rules of the Auckland Badminton Association.


3. Powers

In pursuit of the above purpose the Club shall have the following powers:

A.     To invest, control and dispose of the funds the Club may be considered advisable for the advancement of the Club or the fulfilment of its objectives.

B.     To borrow or raise money, and give security for money required for the purposes of the Club by mortgage or charge on all or any of the property of the Club, and upon such terms as to priority of other the Club shall think fit.


4. Membership

Membership of the Club is open to anyone over the age of 16. All new Members will be accepted into the Club on their playing ability and/or at the discretion of the Clubs governing Committee. 


i) Classification of Members: The Members shall (unless and until otherwise classified by resolution in a general meeting) be classified as the following


A.     Full Members: Whom have the full playing rights at the Club, interclub, competitions and tournaments.

B.     Life Members:  Who shall be Members or ex-Members of the Club who shall have full playing rights as if they were full Members, but will not be liable to the payment of any subscriptions. Life Members shall be elected only for exceptional services to the Club, and can only be elected by the Club in at a general meeting. This cannot be given to any current serving Committee Member

C.     Yearly Membership fee shall be determined each year at the AGM

D.    Subscriptions for previous Members shall be payable (unless and until the Club in an AGM shall resolve otherwise wise) within four weeks of setting the subscriptions

E.     The Committee reserves the right to suspend any Member, who is in arrears, from playing


ii) Application of Membership                                                 

A.     Each candidate for Membership of the Club shall be accepted as a Member (subject to 4. ii) B.) upon receipt of his/her completed Membership application from by the Club Secretary

B.     The Club Secretary may decline the candidate’s Membership application if a majority of the current Committee Members object to the proposed Membership

C.     Subscriptions for new Members shall be payable (unless and until the Club in an AGM shall resolve otherwise) within four weeks of the date of joining the Club



iii) Ongoing Membership

A.     Membership will be renewed each year upon receipt of a completed Membership application form by the Club Secretary, and payment of the current subscription

B.     The Club Secretary may decline the current Membership application if a majority of the current Committee Members object to the continuing Membership


iv) Resignation of Membership

A.     A Member may resign Membership at any time by giving a written notice to the Secretary, but shall continue to be liable for any subscription or other moneys owing and unpaid at the time of resignation. No refund will be given for any current paid Membership

B.     The Committee reserves the right to cancel a Membership without giving the Member a refund if their behaviour in the Club is deemed unacceptable


v) Casual Members

A.     Any person is entitled to participate in games on a Club day. However the Committee, at its discretion may limit the number of visits from visitors are entitled to play

B.     Committee Members, at their discretion may limit the number of visitors / casual players on a certain day

C.     Who shall be Members with such limited playing rights as the Committee shall from time to time define. These Members have no General Meeting rights 

D.    Visitors / Casual Members shall pay a fee as determined by at the AGM


vi) Subscriptions and Fees

A.     Any Member whose subscriptions remain unpaid at the end of five weeks after the date of setting the subscription (or, of joining regarding new Members), shall be deemed to be unfinancial and the Committee may deprive such Member of the privileges of the Club, or the playing of interclub, or declare such Member to be no longer a Member of the Club

B.     The Committee may reinstate the Member upon payment of outstanding subscriptions

C.     Interclub fees over the season shall be fixed by the Treasurer as each interclub competition comes out, to cover the costs directly from the participating players

D.    Where a Member's interclub/competition fees remain unpaid for a length of time, the Committee may deprive from playing of further interclub and competitions, or declare such Member to be no longer a Member of the Club

E.     Where a Member’s subscriptions or other monies remain outstanding after the above actions, further action may be taken by the Committee

F.     Subscriptions and other fees are no-refundable excepted in exceptional circumstances with the approval of the Committee

G.    The office of the Club shall be at the address of the Secretary of the Club


5.  General Meetings

i) Annual General Meeting

A.     The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held (unless and until the Club in general meeting shall resolve otherwise) within the first four playing weeks of the opening of the season, at such time and place as the existing Committee shall determine

B.     Written notice shall be convened 7 days prior to the time and location of the Annual General Meeting

C.     The meeting may be postponed, provided at least two days notice is given to the Members


ii) Special General Meetings

A.     Special General Meetings may be called by:

- The Committee at any time

- A written request signed by ten financial paid Members of the Club

B.     The Secretary shall give at least fourteen days written notice of the time and place of such meeting and the business to be transacted thereof

C.     No business other that arising out of the matters specified in the notice of the meeting shall be transacted at such meeting

D.    The meeting may be postponed, provided at least two days notice is given to the Members


iii) Notices

In this section (and in any other part of this document) where written notice is required - sending by email to the latest email address provided by the Member is sufficient


iv) Voting

A.     Only Members who are not in arrears with subscriptions will be able to vote

B.     Only the Members who are personally present shall vote, and they shall each have one vote

C.     Voting via email to badminton@aucklandfeathers.com is allowed to 12 hours before the start of the AGM. Any vote after this time does not count

D.    Voting shall be by a show of hands, provided that where either the Chairman or five of more Members shall so require, it shall be by ballot

E.     All resolutions at meeting shall be by a majority of the votes (unless otherwise stated in these rules)

F.     The Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote if required.


v) Quorum: At any AGM or special meeting of the Club, the quorum (unless and until the Club in the general meeting shall resolve otherwise) will be eight financials Members. In the case of meeting held before the AGM before the season subscriptions are set, financial Members will be from the immediate previous season.


6. Executive Officers and General Committee

i) Executive Officers: the executive offers shall consist of the following

A.     President (who shall if he/she is present, be the Chairman of every general meeting of the Club)

B.     Secretary

C.     Treasurer

D.    Club Captain

E.     Social Chair


ii) General Committee: The General Committee shall consist of (minimum) four to (maximum) six Members, who shall be elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting.


iii) No serving Committee Member may serve on the Committee of any other ABA affiliated Club


iv) Election

A.     The Officers and Committee Members shall be elected at the AGM

B.     Members elected to be President or Club Captain need to have been a Member of the Club, and on the Committee for at least one year prior

C.     All office bearers and Committee Members of the Club shall hold office from one Annual General Meeting to the next and shall be eligible for re-election 

D.    During the election process if no Members have applied for a formal position then the current Member in that position automatically remains in position

E.     Members wishing to apply for positions within the Club must be received via email to badminton@aucklandfeathers.com seven days prior to the AGM 

F.     A Committee Member absenting him/herself, without reasonable cause for three consecutive Committee meetings shall cease to be a Member of the Committee

G.    In the event of any Committee Member, other than an Executive Officer, resigning or, within the term of the previous rule ceasing to be a Member, the Committee shall be empowered to fill the vacancy in the position of an officer or a Member of the Committee as required

H.    Any person so appointed under iv) F. shall hold office the unexpired term of such office

I.      Members of the Committee to remove themselves from the communities must write a formal letter of resignation


v) Meetings

A.     The Committee will meet as required to conduct the routine affairs of the Club on behalf of its Members

B.     The Committee shall have the power to make such regulations or by-laws consistent with these rules, as may be required for the proper management of the Club

C.     At the meetings of the Committee the quorum (unless and until the Club in general meeting resolve otherwise) shall be 50% of the Members of the Committee

D.    Each Committee Member has one vote and the voting will be by a show of hands unless otherwise required

E.     The Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote if required


vi) Indemnity:

The Officers and Committee Members of the Club, shall be indemnified by the Club from and against all losses and expenses incurred by them in or about the discharge of their respective duties, expect such as happen from their own or his/her own respective wilful default.


7. Selectors

i) The Committee may appoint up to three Selectors (of whom the Club Captain shall be one)

ii) The selectors would be responsible for selection and control of the interclub teams, and the organising of the Club championships and other Club tournaments as required with the Club Captain having the final decision


8. Finances

i) Financial Year The financial year of the Club shall commence on the 1st day of January in each year, and end on the 31st day December next following.


ii) Bank Account

A.     The funds of the Club are to be lodged in a charitable bank account in the name of the Club.

B.     Any cheque or withdraw from the account is to be signed by two signatories

C.     The signatories to the account will be the President, Treasurer/Secretary and Club Captain

D.    All expenses should be ratified at a meeting of the Committee prior to payment, unless urgency is required in which case they payment can be approved by the majority of the Committee via email. They must then subsequently report back to the Committee at the next Committee meeting so it can be recorded.


iii) Financial Accounts: The financial accounts will be presented to the Members at the AGM each year in January.


iv) Audit: The financial books of the Club are not to be audited by an external party except in the case of:

A.     Such a resolution is made and carried at the AGM, or

B.     The Committee deem it necessary


9. Common Seal

i) The common seal of the Club be in the control and custody of the Secretary

ii) The common seal shall only be used for the purpose of attaching it to such deeds or documents as the Committee shall from time to time determine and authorise

iii) The common seal shall only be affixed in the presence of both the President and the Secretary

10. Discipline and Conduct

i) Conduct

A.     The Members of the Club need to conduct themselves in a manner that will maintain the good order character and welfare of the Club

B.     Members will play in a sporting manner that does infringe on the Members or opponent’s enjoyment of the games


ii) Discipline

A.     If a Member contravenes or appears to contravene section 10. i) the Committee (or who they may delegate at the time) may discuss the matter with the people concerned

B.     If not solved the Committee may remove the person from the list of Members of the Club

C.     The Members have the right to appeal in terms of section 5. ii)

D.    The Member will still be liable for any unpaid subscriptions and fees.


iii) Suitable badminton clothing must be worn on court, at all times. Proper non-marking badminton shoes must be worn at all times.

iv) The Committee shall have the right to expel any Member of the Club considered guilty of misconduct; such Member shall have the right to appeal in terms of section 5. ii)


11. Winding up

i) The Club may be wound up or dissolved in any of the ways provided in the Incorporated Societies Act 1908

ii) The Club shall not be wound up or dissolved, except by a two-thirds majority of bona-fide paid up, Members attending a General Meeting convened for such purpose

iii) In the event of a resolution being carried that the Club would be wound up, or in the event of the Club being wound up by the operation of law, the property of the Club shall be disposed of in a such manner (subject to 11. iv) as the majority of Members of a special general meeting of the Club called for that purpose shall determine

iv) Provided that the remaining assets are not able to be paid or distributed among the Members of the Club, but shall be give or transferred to some other charitable organisation having similar objects and purpose to the Club

12. Alterations to the Rules

i) The rules of the Club shall not be rescinded, altered, or added to, expect by a resolution carried by 75% of the Members present at any AGM or Special meeting

ii) At least seven days written notice must be given to Members detailing the proposed changes


13. Matters not provided for:

i) In the event of any question arising that is not provided for in these rules, the question shall, subject to the provision on the incorporated societies act 1908, be decided by the general Committee

ii) Any decision made under this rule shall not be deemed to set a precedent for future decisions