Auckland Feathers membership 2019


Membership fee: $75.00*


Member benefits - 

1.  Play day cost will be $5 per hour.

($10.00 for 2 hrs on Thursday night, $15 for 3 on Saturdays. Non-Members will be $15.00 for 2 hours and $20 for 3 hours.)

2. Play days 2 times a week, when possible, at Gillies Ave Courts.

3. Access to tournaments and coaching.


How to pay - 

Please deposit into the Bank Account 12-3034-0524287-00 and use your name as a reference.  

This is the only way to pay the membership fee, please don't pay by cash.


And finally, please fill in the following form, this is a legal requirement to be a member of the club

Click here for online registration form


*Court and Shuttle Costs have increased, we will have guaranteed courts at Gillies Ave on weeknights, increased quality shuttles in 2019 so due to this, we must increase the fee slightly from $60 to $75.