Results of the 2017 Trans-Tasman Tournament

A grade gold: Craig/Jeff (Melbourne)
A grade silver: Ian/Larry (Auckland)
A grade bronze: Shah/Tumpal (Sydney)

B grade gold: Mark F/Orlie (Auckland)
B grade silver: Chris(Tolfie)/Maria (Auckland)
B grade bronze: David/Stephen (Sydney)

C grade division 1 gold: Andy/Evan (Melbourne)
C grade division 1 silver: Joe/Ying Ying (Melbourne)
C grade division 1 bronze: Ardhi/Mark (Sydney)

C grade division 2 gold: Peter/Todd (Sydney)
C grade division 2 silver: Aalok/Sonny (Auckland)
C grade division 2 bronze: Kyle/Wayne (Auckland)

As you can see, Auckland won 5 out of the 12 medals so congratulations to all the winners of Auckland Feathers, we are very very proud of you. And for the rest of us who didn't get a medal, amazing effort and I hope you all had a good time.

Sydney will be hosting the next Trans-Tasman Tournament so let's start getting ready!! Coaching? Team t-shirt? Inter-club? Before you get too excited, the Committee will be running a Christmas dinner in early December so watch this space!