Membership / Club Update 2019

Good Morning Auckland Feathers

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated in our AGM. We appreciate your attendance and your interest in the running of the club. We also thank those committee members from 2018 for all of their work.

I would like to welcome your new committee for 2019:

  • Jamie Gardner - President,

  • Samuel Holloway - Secretary,

  • Richard Pereira - Treasurer,

  • Steven Morgan - Club Captain,

  • Luis Curiel - Social Chair,

  • Hayden Young,

  • Andrew Mullins,

  • , Sumit Oberoi,

  • Kevin Qiao,

  • Wayne Beverley

I would like to apologies for the lack of communication in the last 3 weeks. Your new committee has been doing some great work to land the necessary changes for this club to have a sustainable future.

1. ABA Affiliation Process

I am pleased to confirm that the ‘Auckland Feathers Badminton Club’ affiliation application has been accepted and that we are now officially a club of the Auckland Badminton Association. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this process.

2. Membership Fees

We need to be financially secure as a club, which we were not in 2018, so we do need to increase membership rates this year. This is still very good value in comparison to other clubs.

Once the new court cost structure comes into effect as of the 1st April we will be able to do the necessary financial planning for this year.

This year will we slightly change the structure to the below:

- The membership year of the Club will run in 2019 from the 1st March till the end of November.
- Summer Club will run from December 2019 to February 2020.

Our Fee Structure will be as follows:

- Membership for 2019. Can join at any time. Half yearly fee will commence 1st August: $75 for a full year. $40 half year. 
- Weekly play: Cost $5 per hour for Members. Therefore Thursday at $10 and Saturdays at $15. Weeknight play will be 2 hours and Saturday for 3 hours. This will increase for non-members to $15 for Thursday and $20 for Saturday.

Please deposit your membership fee into the Bank Account 12-3034-0524287-00 and use your name as a reference. (This is the only way to pay the membership fee—please don't pay by cash). Memberships are due by the 17th March. After this date we will treat you as a non-member and these fees will be applied.

All members will need to fill in the form online.

3. Court Bookings

We are delighted that we will be at Gillies Avenue this year for both weeknight and weekend games. These have been confirmed as follows for 2019:

- 6 Courts for Wednesday or Thursday. This is still TBC which night we will get. 
- 6-8 Courts for Saturday 12-3 with option for more if we build numbers up again.

4. Shuttlecock Supply

We will return to RSL shuttles this year. The committee received feedback from members that they were not enjoying playing with the Chai Pai Shuttles. So the committee had a long evaluated discussion over this.

Cost Per shuttles:
- Chao Pai cost per Shuttles $1.82 ($21.85 per Tube for 12 Shuttles) (Cost per tube has increase from $18 to $19 ex GST for 2019)
- RSL Standard cost per Shuttle $1.85 ($24.15 per tub for 13 Shuttles)

As you can see the difference is cost per shuttle is 3c, so we felt this was worth moving back to a more durable quality shuttle, with speeds in the range of 77-79, for a better quality game.

It is important that we only use one per game. Please do what you can to preserve the life of each shuttle, and make sure you are returning the shuttle after the games.

5. Tournaments

This year there will be three tournaments:

- 8th June - Courts 1-10 from 12-5pm for Mid-Winter Tournament
- 18th August - Courts 1-10 1-6pm for Feathers vs Pinoy Tournament
- 26th October - Trans-Tasman Tournament in Melbourne

6. Communication

We will go back to weekly emails, plus notifications on Facebook. Social Events will also be communicated in the weekly email.

Thanks all for your commitment to the club; we are looking forward to a great 2019.

Jamie and the Auckland Feathers Committee